[First Strike] Hero Air System - 124 ci 4500 psi

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We’ve combined an exceptionally light-weight tank with the industry’s  most innovative FS Hero regulator. The First Strike™ Hero Air Systems  provides a perfect compact profile and adjustability that will let you  stay in the game longer.

Our new lightweight tanks are 30% lighter  than the standard version of the same size and have the ability to  adjust the position of the fill-nipple and gauge with groundbreaking  magnet technology – no tools required. Measuring just at .75” from tank  to ASA, the FS hero regulator provide a consistent, rebuildable, and  reliable air source for any paintball marker.

The FS Hero Air  Systems all carry a UN ISO certification, one of the highest standards  in bottles. Gone are the days of throwing out a tank after 15 year like  with most carbon fiber tanks, these bottles will last a virtual  lifetime.

Available in 6 sizes – 48, 68, 77, 88, 100, 124 cubic inches.
Tool-less 360° Rotational brass threads
Tri-Label UN ISO Certification – Universal Acceptance
Lifetime use bottle(still required 5 year re-hydro)
30% Lighter
Durable Gel Coat
Dual Burst Discs for added Safety
Tool-less 360⁰ Fully Rotational Regulator
Rebuildable and Adjustable Output Pressure