[Planet Eclipse] Carbon Fibre Tank - 15ci - 0.25L

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174.95 EUR

The 0.25l 300 Bar HP bottle from Planet Eclipse is a must have for every MagFed and scenario player. Due  to the higher working pressure and the increased volume from 0.2 l to  0.25 l, more than 78% more shots can be fired with this bottle at the  same size. 78% more shots, 78% more possible hits!

Despite the higher volume, this bottle is compatible with all common 13ci Airstocks!

This  bottle has a stainless steel core, coated with composite, this makes it  with a weight of just 285g one of the most compact and lightweight HP  bottles in the world.

The volume of this bottle is 0.25 liters (15ci) at 4500 psi (300 bar).

Note that the tank is sold without a regulator, and will require one to be used!