[First Strike] T8.1/9.1 Barrel Tip - Mock Silencer

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Ultra-cool upgrade that gives your T9/T9.1,  T8/T8.1 or factory T15 the military look that will drop jaws. Paintball Silencer functions for looks only. Threads on the end of the 'Factory' T9/T9.1 or T15 paintball barrel.  

PLEASE NOTE: This suppressor will not thread into the Lapco produced First Strike (Tiberius) FSR Branded Barrels (Lapco smooth bore T15 Barrels) as well as the Lapco Bigshot Assault and Str8tshot Barrels. T8/T8.1 Owners: This item must be used in conjunction with the Threaded Tip Paintball Barrel (factory T9.1 Barrel, sold separately) to work on your pistol.

Compatible:  T9.1 or T15 Factory Barrels.


  • Lapco BigShot Assault Barrels
  • Lapco Str8shot Barrels
  • Lapco Produced First Strike (FSR) Rifled Barrels
  • Lapco Produced First Strike Smooth Bore Barrels