[Hammerhead] OneShot Plus Rifled Barrel - Autococker - 16"

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OneShot Plus Barrels are 1 inch in diameter and are direct-threaded.  No fins required!

The OneShot Shaped Projectile® Rifled Barrel is made in the USA  by HammerHead Paintball. These barrels are made specifically for the  Shaped Projectile® to give you the ultimate sniper experience with the  most accurate and consistent shots. Each barrel is made with precision  twist rifling design to rotate the projectile more than 20 thousand RPM.  This barrel is born after doing test after test to get the right  balance of barrel length, bore size and rifling twist - the result is  unsurpassed accuracy. This is best barrel to shoot Shaped Projectile® /  First Strike Rounds. Made with pride in U.S.A.

HammerHead  barrels are the best rifled barrel in the world. Each Hammerhead Barrel  is gun-drilled and counter-bored by the same process, the same machines  and the same tooling that makes firearm barrels. The innovation of the  HammerHead Barrel System took more than 10 years to develop and was  awarded with multiple patents by the U.S. Patent Office. The end result  of these innovations, yield HammerHead barrels with unequivocal  performance, unparalleled accuracy, and unsurpassed quality. Hammerhead  barrels are made with pride in U.S.A.

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This barrel is bore optimized for First Strike Rounds and Shaped Projectile
- Direct threaded so it does not require fins
- 0.687 bore size is the perfect size for First Strike Rounds and Shaped Projectiles
- Increased accuracy
- Increased in flight stability of the round
- Compatible with all these muzzles and silencers: M22x1 threads
- Made is USA by HammerHead Paintball

Note: these barrels have metric M22x1 threads on the tip, NOT the standard 7/8-20 threads that the Hammerhead  muzzle brakes use.