[First Strike] Scout Bolt Action Marker

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859.95 EUR

We’ve taken a simple mechanical design and coupled it with a durable  all aluminum construction and First Strike’s known reliability and  craftsmanship. Become a marksmen and take down targets using a  consistent and efficient platform, the First Strike Scout. This marker  is built with the marksman in mind, allowing your paintball budget to go  farther and your skill to be tested. Whether you're an old school  player returning to your stock class days or if you simply enjoy  reaching out from a distance to make your elimination, the Scout is the  quintessential bolt action paintball gun for your collection.


  • Nelson Based Engine with Auto-Triggering Functionality
  • 14” Micro-Honed Barrel
  • All Aluminum Construction
  • Mlok 10” Hand Guard
  • Re-Hydro every 5 years
  • Two 11rnd Magazines Included
  • 13ci 3000psi Air System Included
  • Hard Anodized