About Us


The people behind Magfed.se, Hypersports Sweden AB, started the business back in 1999 and we've been the dominating force in the Swedish Paintball scene ever since day one,  It all began with a small 50 SQM paintball store in Enskede, Stockholm.

As the years went on, the business grew and in January 2012, the decision was taken to move to new 2000 SQM location in Farsta, Stockholm - where we still reside to this day. Ever since then, we've been running the biggest paintball store and supply hub in Northern Europe.

Quickly Hypersports became the one stop shop for service supply and competitive pricing so we got a high number of happy customers all over the Scandinavia today. Among the products we take in we've always brought in the popular products of the highest quality, as well as a few of our own specially made products with our own label.

But because we also want to spread paintball and Magfed even further, in 2019 we launched Magfed.se to be able to bring more Magfed to Europe!

Our vision

After seeing the demise of tournament paintball we felt that something new had to happen and we discovered Magfed which at that time was a very very niche game practically unheard of, but many of the guys in the company felt this was the futre and savior of paintball it took away the costs of playing paintball and increased the adrenalin and fun factor plus it is a lot more appealing to new players.

So we made it happen from day one: First Strike were behind us in the growth and with a company like that at your side, how can you fail?

Our vision now is simple: Spread paintball and Magfed to more people! We've worked hard to do so in Sweden, and now we're doing the same for Europe! At Magfed.se we're always looking to offer the best products of the highest quality, which is why we're only selling equipment of the highest quality that we know works well. But we don't just want the products we sell to be the highest quality, we want to offer the best possible customer service and support as well, to give you the best possible buying experience as possible!