[Hypersports] BCF Magfed Paintballs - 2000 rounds

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47.95 EUR

Our own brand of Paintballs! Produced in the Roball factory, the oldest producer of paintballs in Europe, Famous for producing the Tomahawk and Proto paint. Combining Roball's experience of making paintballs for over 20 years with instructions from our experts on paintball here in Scandinavia, it's one of the best types of paintballs for use in Northern Europe.

This specific type of paintballs - "BCF Magfed" - has been specifically made to be the best paint for use in Magfed games.

The paint is made to be 100% environmentally friendly and breaks down very easily when it rains. It's even recommended by several of Sweden's municipalities for paintball parks because of this. Of course it can also be washed away easily.

Most paint is made for use in warmer countries, but as the climate in Scandinavia is rather cold most of the year, that means regular paint doesn't work that well most of the year, which is why this paint has been adapted to the Scandinavian climate to give players paint much more suited for use here.

For every sold box, we donate 20 SEK (about 2€) to Barncancerfonden (the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund).