[First Strike] Ultra Sphere Rounds (USP) - 600 rnd - Purple/Clear

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The First Strike Ultra-Sphere Projectiles (USP) is a great addition to the First Strike™ projectile family.Precision  crafted, perfectly round projectiles deliver what standard gelatin  paintballs cannot; consistent, dimple free accuracy. The weather proof  polystyrene shell ensures consistent performance in even the most  inclement weather and can even endure the heavy spring pressure required  in today’s magfed paintball guns.

  • .68 Caliber 
  • Dimple proof, brittle polystyrene shell
  • Water and humidity resistant
  • Works excellent in all weather conditions
  • Scented white powder fill for indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy clean non-toxic, non-staining powder fill
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Count: 250
  • Ideal for target and practice use
  • Available in: Purple/Clear- White Powder fill