[Invader Gear] Combat Shirt - Black

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46.95 EUR

The Invader Gear Combat Shirt features an outstanding  price-performance ratio and a high quality standard. The shirt is  usually worn below body armor and is intended to avoid pressure marks  and to provide good moisture wicking properties. The modern cut is well  balanced for a not too tight but also not too loose fit. The collar is  equipped with a quality zip by YKK and can be worn open or closed to  avoid intrusion of debris. Large shoulder pockets provide quick and  convenient storage. Elbows are reinforced with an additional layer of  fabric which is also intended as a compartment for elbow pads. Sleeve  end width is fully adjustable.

Sleeves, collar and shoulder area  of this Combat Shirt are made of a sturdy 65% cotton / 35% polyester rip  stop woven fabric for great wearing comfort and fast drying properties.  Torso is made of an incredibly comfortable 80% cotton / 20% polyester  knit fabric with good moisture wicking performance.