[Planet Eclipse] HDE Jersey

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The HDE Camo Jersey is the ultimate in lightweight performance made  with unique anti-snag material to reduce pack rash and prolong the life  of your jersey. Customise and rep your team with prime patch placements  on the chest and arms. Multiple padded key impact zones on the chest,  shoulders and forearms ensure that when you’re in a pinch you can still  come out fighting!


  • Unique  Eclipse anti-snag material, proven through rigorous testing to be  supremely resistant to plucking and snagging try it for yourself!
  • Internal micro-fibre lens cloth
  • Rear patch placement (245x100mm)
  • Shoulder patch placements (100x100mm)
  • Left/Right Chest patch placements (130x40mm)
  • Chest patch with loadout webbing
  • Low-profile zip arm pockets
  • Padded chest, shoulder and forearm protection