[Invader Gear] Predator Combat Pants - OD

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The strengths of these pants are many but, to describe them, we can  do that from the main ones, namely knee pads and elastic inserts.

The  knee pads are integrated, extractable and also adjustable in height  through a neckband hidden in pockets, a stratagem that fixed in the  correct position during the game more lively.

But the main feature  of the "Predator", which allows this product to ensure agility and fit,  we find it in stretch fabric inserts inserted at the top of the knee  and in the back of the pants, or just in areas that suffer most due  ironing Flex your knees and back.

The belt loops are 6.8 cm wide  and are therefore compatible with all belts available on the market,  also under passersby and along the waistline, there is padding that  increases comfort and avoids' rubbing effect due to the use of the  rigger belt extremely cold.

The Predators have as many as 10 handy  pockets to store the material, have the Velcro adjustment rear knee and  ankles and 5 the hanging rings to anchor any equipment.

YKK  zippers and fabric composition Rip-Stop, 65% cotton and 35% polyester,  makes it very robust and particularly suited to resist abrasion and the  most demanding use.